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Since 2010 our company works with the National Choreographic Center Malandain Ballet Biarritz in their mission of rising public awareness : we have produced documentaries relating Thierry Malandain's creations since "Romeo & Juliette" (2010) until "Beauty and the Beast" today in pre-editing. We've been working with other choreographers invited to Biarritz. We have also collaborated on a regular base, with Bordeaux Base sous-marine, a comtemporary art space, by directing Artist's portraits : Zigor a bask sculptor, Jeannette Leroy in Paul Haim's garden, Pierre Clerk, Georges Rousse...

Since 2018, we have spred our activities towards the South-Est of France, especialy Marseille and Pertuis where BoiSakré productions is now settled.

BoiSakré productions also organises artist residencies open to foreign artists. They are offered the opportunity to be inspired and to create about their experience in the city of Biarritz and the Basque country. Our goal is to bring Art to a large public.

Today BoiSakré productions is keen to organise artistic exchanges between the Bask country and Provence.


" ... Miroir de la création artistique ...

Témoin d'un héritage culturel... "

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