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Artists Residency in Biarritz (France)


BoiSakré also organised artist residencies open to foreign artists. They were offered the opportunity to be inspired and to create about their experience in the city of Biarritz and the Basque country.

The selected artists brought back their experience in the country of their origine. They were also encouraged into meeting with the locals of the city : the public could then have a direct contact with the artists and their creations.

We find important to offer Art and Culture to the largest public.

For the moment, the residency is closed and do not receive new artist's proposition

Artists received
  • Salah Kennouche, photographe, 3 mois de résidence en 2020

  • Dimitri Iovane, aquarelle et installation, 3 mois de residence 2019-2020

  • Nicolas Lanzilotta, peintre dessin tatouage, 3 mois de résidence en Sept_Decembre 2019

  • Hanna Pool-Jones, peinture illustration, 3 mois de résidence en 2018

  • Henry Canyons, rapper from Los Angeles, 5 weeks residency Sept-October 2016

  • Marcela Mumet, painter from Argentina, 5 weeks residency in June-July 2016

  • Eleni, Franco-Greek, visual artist, 4 weeks residency November 2015.

  • Michel Basset, painter from Paris, 4 weeks residency August 2015.

  • Lin Bao, Chinese painter from Bejing, 4 weeks residency June 2015.

  • Cristian Sida, Romanian painter from Timissoara,in collaboration with  Gallery GAAB - Biarritz

  • Gibson Collard, young visual artist from San Francisco, 4 weeks residency April 2015.

  • Yolanda Petrocelli, Mexican photographer, and Daniel Lanzilotta, New-York assemblage sculptor, exhibition in january 2015

  • Karina Niber, Swedish graphic designer, 4 weeks residency  July 2014. 

  • Sally Mara Sturman, watercolor painter Brooklyn (USA) 5 weeks residency February 2014

  • Miles Watson, painter from London (UK), 4 weeks residency July 2013.



Slide show : the artists, the exhibitions, the studio

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